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I have always loved the idea of going through my home and making changes to my home and garden, but things aren't always as simple as they seem. About six months ago, I realized that I needed to do something to make some significant changes to my home, because the entire space had grown dated and unsightly. It was a lot of stress to figure out what I should do and how I could make powerful changes, but after working hard to prioritize my needs, things started to come together. This blog is all about changing your home and garden in a way that works for your budget and lifestyle.


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Do You Like Incorporating Nature Into Your Art? Grow A Tree That Produces Pine Cones

Living close to the beach is a perfect situation for an artist who loves to collect seashells. They can pick up the ones they like and use them in their art projects. You may have a similar approach with all nature. But, it is not always easy to get things that come from nature that you can use in your artwork. It is perfect when you can get what you need from your own backyard because this makes it easily accessible. This makes it worth investing in tree service to grow a tree that produces something such as pine cones.

Choose a Strategic Location

One of the most important decisions that you will need to make with this project is the location. For instance, you will need to avoid planting the tree close enough to your neighbors that some of the pine cones end up falling into other yards because this prevents you from being able to use them. It is also best to avoid a situation in which the tree drops pine cones on your roof or patio as this can cause damage. Finally, you will want to plant it in an area so that the pine cones fall on a soft surface to stay intact.

Start From a Sapling

Although you could try your hand at growing a tree from a seed, this could take an extremely long time. If you want to enjoy results anytime soon, you should purchase a pine tree sapling. Paying extra for tall tree that is several years old will provide you with results much sooner than starting from scratch. It is important to come up with a budget that includes the cost of the tree and its planting. This makes it helpful to get a quote from a tree service professional to figure out how tall of a sapling you can purchase.

Make Watering Reliable

Another factor that you may want to consider with pine tree planting is the watering situation. If the area you live in gets constant rainfall throughout the year, this may not be a concern at all. But, if it is inconsistent, you may want to pay extra for an irrigation system that provides reliable watering. You should gather as much information about watering at its current age and while it continues to age. The watering needs will likely change as the year passes by, so it is best to know the needs for each season.

Growing a pine tree with proper strategizing will lead to lots of pine cones that you can use for art. Contact a tree service company like Able Scape, Inc for more information.