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I have always loved the idea of going through my home and making changes to my home and garden, but things aren't always as simple as they seem. About six months ago, I realized that I needed to do something to make some significant changes to my home, because the entire space had grown dated and unsightly. It was a lot of stress to figure out what I should do and how I could make powerful changes, but after working hard to prioritize my needs, things started to come together. This blog is all about changing your home and garden in a way that works for your budget and lifestyle.


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Get Ready For Your New Kitchen Countertops

Once you've picked out your new kitchen countertop material, you can plan the installation day. The day takes coordination between you, the installers, and a plumber so your kitchen is in working order the same day. It helps if you know what to expect of countertop installation in your home. Here is a quick overview.

Have The Cabinets And Sink Ready

If you're having new cabinets and a new sink installed too, be sure they're in place and able to withstand the weight of the countertop material since granite and marble can be heavy. Also have the sink ready to install along with the faucets. This preparation is necessary so the stone countertop slab can be cut to fit your sink and faucet. If you're just replacing the countertops on your old cabinets, then ask the installer if you should tear off the old countertops or not. They'll probably want to do that themselves for safety reasons.

Clear Out Your Kitchen

You won't be able to use your kitchen while the countertops are being installed. Fortunately, the work can usually be completed in a day so plan to keep snacks and drinks in another room or order in pizza to eat until the work is done. Clear everything out of the kitchen that might get in the way so the installers have plenty of room to work. Ask if you need to pull out your stove, refrigerator, or dishwasher, or if they should be in their permanent place before work begins.

Arrange For A Plumber To Hook Up The Sink

When you schedule the countertop installation, ask if the service provides a plumber to complete the sink installation. If not, you'll want to schedule a plumber for later in the day so the water will be hooked up to your new sink after the countertops have been installed. Be sure the installer drills holes for all your plumbing hookups like the faucets, handle, soap dispenser, and sprayer because the plumber won't be able to drill them later on.

Open Windows To Increase Ventilation

Some materials used in the installation process can give off strong fumes. Talk to the installer about the best way to increase ventilation in the work area. You may need to open windows or use a fan to pull out odors until the work is done. You may need to keep the ventilation increased for a few hours afterward to decrease the smell in your kitchen so it doesn't bother you. Also, cover things like your cooktop to protect them from dust since installing stone countertops can be dusty work. The contractors clean up their mess, but dust may work its way into cracks on things that are not covered.

Also, ask the installer about sealing the countertops if you buy granite. The stone may be sealed before it's installed, but the installer may recommend you do it again shortly after the installation.