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I have always loved the idea of going through my home and making changes to my home and garden, but things aren't always as simple as they seem. About six months ago, I realized that I needed to do something to make some significant changes to my home, because the entire space had grown dated and unsightly. It was a lot of stress to figure out what I should do and how I could make powerful changes, but after working hard to prioritize my needs, things started to come together. This blog is all about changing your home and garden in a way that works for your budget and lifestyle.


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Creating Custom Window Treatments? Things To Consider

Whether you're redecorating, relocating, or just trying to refresh your window treatments, you may be thinking that custom window treatments are the way to go. If so, you need to take some time to carefully consider your options. Remember that investing in custom window treatments can be a significant financial commitment, so you need to be sure of what you want. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to think about as you're making the choice of your window treatments.

Do The Windows Serve As Focal Points?

One of the first things that you need to think about before you choose your window treatments is the role that the windows play in your room decor. If the window serves as a focal point in the room, you need to craft a window treatment that draws the eye, highlights the window, and matches well with the rest of the decor. For windows that simply fall in the background, you can choose any type of treatment that you prefer, even if it is understated and subtle yet functional.

What Colors Are You Interested In?

One of the best parts of custom window treatments is the fact that you can actually choose any colors that you want. The treatments will be designed and crafted to your specifications. That means you get to choose a color scheme that truly matches the room, reflects your personality, or both. Talk with an interior designer or a window treatment specialist for help if you're struggling with the color palette.

Do You Have Any Fabric Preferences?

Do you need fabrics that are easy to keep clean? Are you worried about durability with pets in the house? Think about your specific needs in terms of window treatment fabric and the features that are beneficial for your home. Then, talk with your designer about the solutions that work best for your windows.

What Coverage Do You Want?

It's important to consider how much window coverage you want from your window treatments. Many people opt for tiered treatments so that they can keep a sheer window covering down for privacy without sacrificing daylight, and then they can close the interior window coverings at night for even more privacy.

These are some of the things that you need to think about when it comes to custom window treatments. Talk with your contractor today for more guidance and to design the treatments that will best fit your windows.