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I have always loved the idea of going through my home and making changes to my home and garden, but things aren't always as simple as they seem. About six months ago, I realized that I needed to do something to make some significant changes to my home, because the entire space had grown dated and unsightly. It was a lot of stress to figure out what I should do and how I could make powerful changes, but after working hard to prioritize my needs, things started to come together. This blog is all about changing your home and garden in a way that works for your budget and lifestyle.


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Run A Cannabis Operation? Why Invest In An Automated Trimming Machine

If you run an independent cannabis operation, you owe it to yourself to improve your production methods. One way to do that is through an automated trimming machine. You might think that you're better off doing all the trimming by hand, but that's not the case. In fact, manual trimming can cause serious problems for your cannabis operations. Read the list provided below. You'll find four reasons to invest in an automated trimming machine as soon as possible. 

Eliminate Hands-On Trimming

If you're still trimming your cannabis by hand, your operation might not be as secure as you think it is. Manual trimming puts you at an increased risk for theft. That's because there's no real way to monitor each one of your trimming crew. Manual trimming also increases the risk for contamination. The best way to reduce the risks is to invest in an automated trimming machine. Trimming machines eliminate the need for manual trimming. That step reduces the number of hands that come in contact with your product. 

Ensure Consistent Cutting

When you run a cannabis operation, you need to know that your cuts are all consistent. One of the issues is that each person may trim the cannabis differently. Unfortunately, inconsistent trimming can lead to poor quality. Not only that, but hand trimming doesn't always pick up the smaller flowers. One of the benefits of using an automated trimming machine is that the cutting is consistent. That means all of your product will be trimmed the same way, regardless of the batch. 

Reduce Trimming Times

When it comes to trimming cannabis, time is of the essence. Taking too long on the trimming process can lead to stale cannabis. Not only that, but prolonged trimming time means it takes longer to get your product to market. That's where automated trimming machines come into the picture. With automated trimming machines, your cannabis is trimmed quickly. That means your cannabis maintains its freshness. It also means that your cannabis gets to market quicker. 

Avoid Product Waste

If you run a cannabis operation, you can't afford to deal with waste. But, that's what can happen when your cannabis is trimmed by hand. Unfortunately, cannabis waste leads to lost revenue. That's why you need to invest in at least one automated trimming machine. With a trimming machine, you'll have less waste to deal with. That means you'll make more money off each crop you produce.

Talk to a supplier to learn more about automated trimming machines